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Component Training Camps, Workshops & Coaching

An Introduction to Urban Tracking with Ed Presnall & Debbie Maheu

Introductory Urban Tracking TDU Workshop - 2 Days

September 19-20, 2020 - Catholic University, Washington DC
In combination with Potomac Valley Belgian Malinois Club

Introduction to intermediate level workshop developed to introduce dogs and handlers to the sport of tracking. This is a hands-on working seminar limited to 20 working participants.  Each dog will be worked and evaluated during the workshop. Developed for novice to advanced level trackers to provide a beginning knowledge and working experience in TD & TDU tracking.

Includes: Starting beginner and advanced dogs on various surfaces, scent and problem solving. Track evaluation, article placement, training games, line handling and evaluation of individual working dogs. Dogs will be introduced to starts, restarts, article indication and will work on tracks with straight legs, corners, multiple articles and serpentines. Handlers will be introduced to line handling, developing basic routines and communicating with your dog.

Seminar Overview
Overview of Tracking

  • What is Tracking?
  • Different types of Tracking - TD and TDU

Required Equipment

  • Harness
  • Lead
  • Long Line
  • Bag or Pouch
  • Treats & water for your dog

Mental Management and Tracking

Overview of The Canine Olfactory System

  • What is the dog following?
  • How does he do it?
  • Canine vs. Human differences

What Are Components?

  • The building block of all tracks
  • Why component training works

Training with Or Without food
Random Rewards Not Handouts
Your Required Commitment
Teamwork Is the Key
Keeping Your Dog Challenged
Communicating with Your Dog
Basic Routines
Article Indication
Line Handling
Motivational Games

  • Starts
  • Serpentines
  • The Article Game

Working TD/TDU Component Tracks

  • Transitions
  • Corners
  • Scenting Obstacles

Individual Evaluation of Working dogs and Handlers

Reservation forms completed and submitted with a 50% Deposit to hold a working spot.

Full payment must be received no later than June 1, 2020.

Registration Form
Campus & Hotel Information

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