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Component Training Camps, Workshops & Coaching

Debbie Maheu and CT Willie working their MOT on their passing VST/CT Track.

Component Training Camps

Our goal as teachers is to be able to stimulate good handlers to a higher level of competitive performance.
Our job is not identifying those that can be successful, it is taking those not yet successful and
training them to reach for the stars.

Great dogs are not often easy dogs. They have big egos, idiosyncrasies, quirks and weakness. Dogs of a lifetime do exist, but only for handlers so skillful, tactful, and courageous that they can unlock and reveal the brilliance of their canine partners.

We teach Camps to help you grow and unlock those mysteries.

we create solutions to your problems

Limited enrollment and maximum time in the "urban" field perfecting you and your dog's tracking abilities make this a "must do" Camp for all serious trackers. We teach you how to control your Mental Management program, understand your dog, become a team member and how to "dance" with your dog while negotiating an "urban" track. Join with the developers of Component TrainingTM, and spend a week with your dog on a major university campus.

Component Training Camp truly is, The Ultimate Tracking ExperienceTM
Our student's accomplishments in the sport of tracking speak for themselves.

Ed Presnall and Debbie Maheu are recognized by many as being the leading and most innovative trainers in the sport. They are known by their ability to create solutions to their student's problems. They teach weekend and week-long workshops across the country and internationally at major Universities to simulate the urban environment of testing. Since 1994 they have worked with thousands of dogs and their handlers encompassing 146 different breeds. To date, their students have earned over 600 advanced tracking titles, including over 120 VST titles. They are proud to think “outside of the box”, find innovative methods to coach and teach, develop training methods such as Components, routines and mental preparation while always searching for solutions to their student’s problems.

It never gets easier, you just get better

We Build Champion Trackers - One Dog & Handler At A Time!

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