Component Training Camps, Workshops & Coaching



Component Training Camps, Workshops & Coaching

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What To Expect At A
Component Training Camp

Attendance at a Component Training Camp includes: Introducing and accelerating the the progression time for TD or TDU level and more advanced dogs on various surfaces, scent and problem solving. Track evaluation, article placement, games, line handling skills and evaluation of working dogs.

Some of the individual items we will cover during the Camp include ...

Introduction and Overview of Urban Tracking
The Canine Olfactory System
Understanding How Good Your Dog's Nose Really Is
What Are Components?
The Building Block Of All Tracks
Why Component Training Works
How Component Training Helps In TD and TDX
The Mental Game
Training With Or Without Food
Random Rewards Not Handouts
Your Required Commitment
Teamwork Is The Key
When To Follow Your Dog
Reading Your Dog
Keeping Your Dog Challenged
Communicating With Your Dog
Basic Routines
Article Indication
Line Handling
Motivational Games
The Article Game
Track Distractions
Working Around Automobiles
Working Through/Around People
Moment of Truth Turns
Safety Awareness
Handler Positioning
When And How To Back Up
How To Use Landmarks
The Last Known Point
Daily Individual Evaluation Of Dogs And Handlers

We Build Champion Trackers - One Dog & Handler At A Time!

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