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Component Training Camps, Workshops & Coaching

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As Component Training Camps continues to grow, our instructors strive to develop new training and teaching methods to help you succeed in your goal of that elusive CT or TCh title.

We provide solutions to your problems ...

Why We Are The Best!

Ed Presnall & Debbie Maheu

Ed has been teaching and training dogs to track since 1994 and in 2008 he and Debbie joined to offer seminars, workshops, and Camps together.

Ed is an international authority on training dogs and handlers to track. Ed is the author of Mastering Variable Surface Tracking: The Component Training Approach, Component Training for TDX, and Component Training for TD & TDU, six other books, over 200 short stories, articles, and columns for a variety of dog publications, creator of the Component TrainingTM method and the founder of CTDawgs.

Recognized by many as being one of the leading and most innovative trainers in the sport. He and Debbie create solutions to their students' problems. They have earned over 70 tracking titles on eleven different breeds of dogs, including 6 VST titles. Ed holds the distinction of being the only person to earn two VST titles on two different breeds on the same day.

Ed was one of only 5 participants in the original AKC Tracking Exposition with his Field Spaniel and has participated in two AKC Tracking Invitationals with his Border Collie and Irish Water Spaniel. His Border Collie was the first dog to pass at any Invitational. Additionally, one of his Field Spaniel was the first Champion Tracker to win at both the Westminster Kennel Club and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.

They have worked with over 6,000 dogs and handlers in urban tracking through their Camps, national and international seminars, and workshops. Their years of experience in this field, while working with over 145 different breeds of dogs, brings a refreshing motivational outlook on dog training to this sport. They are proud to think "outside of the box", find innovative methods to coach and teach, develop training methods such as Components, routines, and mental preparation.

They have passed over 60 dogs for their VST and/or CT titles and 8 in Canada for their UTDX and /or their TCh title. Using their Component TrainingTM methods, they have trained over 600 of their students to attain advanced titles.

Ed is approved to judge all levels in AKC and CKC tracking tests. Debbie is approved to judge TD, TDU, and VST in AKC events and TD, UTD and UTDX in CKC events.

Ed and Debbie have completed Lanny Bassham's Mental Management Training Coaches Program to better incorporate Mental Management into their training process. Lanny's Performance Coaching concepts allow them to become better coaches and mentors. In addition to their passion for tracking, Ed and Debbie participate with their dogs in obedience, agility, rally, tricks and lure coursing events.

We Build Champion Trackers - One Dog & Handler At A Time!

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