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Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of success

Component Training Books

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Component Training for TD and TDU is a complete guide for anyone who wants to succeed on their journey into the dog sport of AKC Tracking and earn an AKC Tracking Dog (TD) or Tracking Dog Urban (TDU) title. Easy to follow but full of important details, much like the tracks laid down for the dogs, this book is an ideal resource for all levels, whether the reader is brand new to tracking or is an experienced handler who is seeking a solution to a problem at test.

The book also highlights two essential tools for success: components and the mental mindset. Presnall believes that success in tracking isn't just a mastery of technical skills, but emphasizes the importance of having a healthy self-image, a belief in your dog, and a desire to have fun outdoors together. In Component Training, each element of the whole track is broken down into components and the author demontstrates how to practice each component separately to build longer tracks with your dog so both teammates have fun and are encouraged by acknowledging what went well with each track. Tracking teams form a relationship unique to other dog sports since in tracking, the handler relies on the dog's superior nose to lead the way. Both ends of the leash have a chance to learn something new.   

$34.95 with Free Shipping

Excellence in Tracking through Component Training
Successful competitive tracking requires the development of a large number of skills on the part of both the dog and the handler. A dog comes equipped with fabulous scenting abilities but must learn to follow a track in many types of weather, over a variety of surfaces, while encountering all sorts of distractions. A handler must learn how to read his dog, know when to stop and let his dog get back on track, and keep his dog motivated. Author Ed Presnall has developed his Component Training method to help a tracking team break down the dozens of challenges they will face in training in order to achieve the coveted Tracking Dog Excellent title.

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Train your dog for tracking in the urban environment!
Are you looking for a new challenge for your tracking dog? Are you interested in trying the sport of AKC tracking with a young dog? Both experienced tracking teams and newcomers to the sport can achieve a VST title using the techniques in this combined book and workbook manual. SAR and Police K-9 units will find this information invaluable in their work. Component Training is widely recognized as THE way to teach Variable Surface Tracking. This method works equally well for dogs that have already achieved TD or TDX titles or for beginning trackers. Breaking the complete track down into individual elements and teaching each challenge before putting together a complete track offers handler and dog the opportunity to perfect each element and assures a high rate of success. Includes a steb-by-step workbook.

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