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Over the last decade that I have had the honor to work with Ed and Debbie I have been able to see their true love for the sport shine through. They really do care for each dog and handler that goes through their Camps and truly want them to succeed. The Camps that they hold around the country have benefited both my dog and I in so many ways. Their extent of knowledge and wisdom of the sport is vast and after attending too many Camps to count, and even getting to teach some of them, I still learn something new on every tracking adventure we have. I highly recommend Component Training to anyone looking to get started in tracking and for those who are quite advanced. There are no two greater people out there to teach you tracking then Ed and Debbie.

Spencer Pardee
CT Jed's Theodore Roosevelt SH CDX TDU RE FDC (Std Poodle)
CT Loutercreek Eye of the Storm TDU VST2 (Std Poodle)
Trailborn Franklin Roosevelt CD TDU VST (Std Poodle)
CT Mount Cheam Inice TDU CD RN CHC CGCA RA RE CDX FDC RM UD VER Bernese Mtn Dog)
CT York Von Der Laubenhaid (Airdale)
CH Jed's E E Cummings Colando VCD2 BN RM RAE2 TDU JH FDC AX NF DCAT THD CGC (Std Poodle)

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in tracking with your dog, CTdawgs is the best place to start your journey. I’ve attended six, five day tracking camps and one weekend clinic. These training sessions are very intense and a lot of work. There’s so many training tools that Ed and Debbie share with us to pull from. (start routine, visualize your dog working corners, articles or loss of scent, just to name a few) Also mental management plays a huge part in anything you do.

I earned my first CT on an Australian Shepherd and working on my second CT all through CTdawgs. Each time I attend a camp or clinic, I learn something new. You never stop learning. I couldn’t have accomplished this without the help of both Ed and Debbie. They’ve always been there for me.

Thank you both,

Darla Huffman
CT Istari Mystic Warrior CD, RN
Slash V Smokin Tides Red Fudge TD VST HSAd HIAd HXAd DN

Tracking really made an impression on me! How can a dog learn to follow a scent that has been put down on grass, over a parking lot, down or up steps, thru woods and/or water and locate a “glove” at the end of a track? I just had to experience this thrill!

I did just that, and signed up for Camp, 9 times! From South Carolina, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and others states, where I met others with the same desire—How to learn how to track my dog!

Thank you Ed and Debbie for sharing your knowledge and expertise on Tracking! I have acquired 19 GLOVES with 6 different dogs!

Fran Wallo
CT Marchfield's Eye Of The Storm BN TDU NA NAJ OF CGC (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
CT MACH Sandwynn's Pixie Dust TDU BN RA MUG T2B2 TQX MXC CGC (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

We had hit a wall in our tracking. I’d even given up tracking entirely, thinking we just weren’t going to progress any further. After a year of almost no tracking at all, out of the blue Debbie invited us to attend one of their first post-pandemic Camps.

We decided to give tracking one more try, and see what might happen. With Ed and Debbie’s patient coaching, and lots of practice, Karen and I put 1 TD, 1 TDX, 3 VST, and 2 CT titles on 2 dogs within a single 8-month period. It had all finally come together. Ed and Debbie’s camp played a huge part — Thank you!

John Runnels
CT MACH2 Gaylan's Maxwell's Demon VCD4 OM1 VER TD3 TDU VST2 MXS MJS MFB TQX T2B2 CA BCAT RATS CGCA (Golden Retriever)
CT Audeo Rio's Angle Of Attack TDU2 (Golden Retriever)

York learned confidence and I learned to trust him and let him do his part of the work. Their approach is to create a serious friendly atmosphere for both dog and handler. In these camps York and I had the experience of seeing other dogs of all breeds learning teamwork with their handlers as well as learning that ourselves.

Interestingly enough, these camps prepared York for his IGP/Schutzhund tracking as well, where we together have always gotten very high scores in the 90's. I learned from these camps that the handler has to be receptive to what the dog is telling him about the track and to believe the dog and show him respect when he is trying to work out a problem. The camps have a super combination of fun, socialization, learning and experience of learning to be a team player with your dog. The camps have the atmosphere of a structured vacation, much more fun than a cruise and your dog not only gets to come along but he is treated as the star.

Maugh Vale
CT York Von Der Laubenhaid

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