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Component Training Camps, Workshops & Coaching

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Component Training Camps are designed for well behaved dogs. Your dog must be under control at all times whether you are at the campus, motel, restaurant or any other venue the Camp may choose to use. Excessive barking or aggressive or threatening behavior to any person or animal will not be tolerated. Aggressive, loud or out of control dogs may be asked to leave the Camp.

Camp attendees have had remarkable success in AKC and CKC tracking events. The Camp, the instructors and assistants in no way or manner guarantee that you and your dog can earn any AKC, CKC or other venue title. We will provide you with the tools for success, but it is your responsibility to utilize those tools should you attempt to earn any titles.

Your dog will be in your vehicle or walking the tracks under your control when not working.

Your dog must be under control always, whether you are at the hotel, restaurant, campus or any other venue the Camp chooses to utilize. All dogs must remain quiet when in your car or when in their crate when not working.

Each handler MUST carry water for the handler and the dog each time you are on a track. You will teach your dog to drink water on the track to maintain proper hydration.

You may bring non-registered dogs to this Camp, however, they MUST remain in your vehicle except for potty breaks.

NO, repeat NO, FLEXI leashes are allowed either at the Campus or the host hotel.

You may NOT come early, stay after, or return to the Campus to walk or exercise your dog(s) prior to or once the daily schedule of activities are completed.

All Campus rules, including parking, speed limits, signs or requests by Campus personnel must be followed. You or your dog will not do anything on or off campus that could cost Component Training LLC or the supporting local Clubs in the area the use of the campus.

Part of the learning experience at a Component Training Camp is for each attendee to walk all of the tracks utilized each day. A component of your training involves watching the other teams perform and then relating what you are seeing to what you and your dog are doing when you are on your tracks.

This is a physical exercise related Camp. You and your dog will be walking from 3 to 5 miles each day. If you are not physically able to walk long distances and stand while watching the other teams work please consider one of the weekend workshops.

When you submit your registration form you will sign and submit a release document containing the following attestments and agree to be bound by the Camp Policies.

I hereby agree to save and hold Component Training LLC, and the university, college or campus where the Camp will be held, their owners, trainers, assistants, employees, agents and assigns harmless from any and all liability, including but not limited to reimbursement of all costs and attorneys fees, for damages and/or injury to self and/or to my dog, during any instruction period, before or after any session, and at any and all times while you ot your dog is traveling to or from or is located on property used for the workshop.

I hereby grant to Component Training LLC, their trainers, assistants, employees, agents and assigns the right to photograph myself and my dog(s) which may participate or attend this workshop/seminar and use such photo(s) and or other digital representation(s) or other reproduction of such likeness for publication processes, whether electronic, print, digital or electronic publishing via the Internet.

We contract a discounted rate (when available) from local pet friendly hotels. You may stay at the hotel with other Campers or you are free find your own accomodations.

Transportation, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the camp attendee.

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